A unique platform game! Control two characters and don't disconnect their spheres, collect coins and keys, gain gems and buy power-ups...


After a spaceship failure, two astronauts have landed on a strange unknow planet. On the hostile territory, they can survive only if the spheres around them are connected, sharing the necessary energy. Now it's your turn to help them reaching the spaceship again, avoiding enemies, collecting coins and gain gems to unlock special power-ups through 20 levels!

Space Mates


Collect coins and keys to gain points. Coins can be bronze (2 points), silver (5 points) or gold (10 points). You can find from 1 to 4 keys each level, and every key will give you 50 points. Grab the necessary keys to open the door and go to next level. You can lose points by disconnecting the spheres or touching some enemies. Complete the level with highscore to receive a gem, that you can use to buy in game power-ups!

Space Mates


  • Up to jump;
  • Left and right arrows to move;
  • Space key to change character;
  • Esc to pause.

Shortcuts (in level)

  • "R" key to restart current level;
  • "E" key to exit to the level select menu.

Space Mates

Key features

  • A unique gameplay! Control two characters!
  • 20 levels, which can be completed 3 times to collect all bronze, silver and gold coins!
  • Two characters, plus two unlockable in the shop!
  • 16 power-ups that can change the in-game experience!
  • Multiplayer mode, coming soon! Challenge an opponent around the world!
  • Day/night circle, based on your local time!
  • Rain and snow effects!
  • All the stats that you love!
  • Play it on Facebook, Steam and other websites!
  • Do you love easter eggs? Find it all!

Space Mates


Currently under development, multiplayer will be a head to head challenge between players across the world. Take advantage to your oppenent using power-ups bought in single player mode!

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Space Mates graphics are powered by Kenney: http://kenney.nl/

AuthorSpace Mates
Made withGameMaker: Studio
Average sessionA few minutes
InputsKeyboard, Mouse

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